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Customer Support

I serve your customers by responding to inquiries with accurate information and continued support. I attract potential customers by offering answers to questions related to products and services. I manage customer accounts and update those accounts as necessary.

Project Management

I help to plan and oversee projects.I ensure that they are completed in a timely manner and that the budget is adhered to. I manage clients' expectations, delegate assignments, and manage the outcomes related to the project. 

Data & Research

I collect and manage data through thorough research. I present this data through Microsoft Word and Excel. Data and research are delivered in an easy to read format. I ensure the quality of the data with integrity and completeness to enhance the company's operations.

Virtual Assistant

I am the first point of contact between you, managers, and any internal/external clients through phone calls  or other methods of communication. I manage and organize schedules, meetings, and events. I manage travel accommodations, maintain database and filing systems, and follow established processes.

Pricing Plans


We know that packages aren't a "one size-fits-all," we can build a package that fits your needs.Click the link below to schedule your call to customize your package today!

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